A User-friendly and intuitive interface via web browser that requires no extensions, no need to install or update work stations with client-software. Bonaparte is web based and has a client-server architecture, and is therefore highly scalable. It also has its own versioning database that can be rewound in time, Automatic match engine, automated profile destruction, and advanced access and matching rights management.

Bonaparte also has:
Core: DNA matching
  • STR, XSTR, YSTR, SNP, MtDNA types of profile
  • Likelihood Ratio (LR) computations for STR and SNP matches for direct matching, Paternity Index (PI), Sibling Index (SI), Half Sibling Index (HSI), and in arbitrary pedigrees
  • Pedigrees with missing family members and pedigrees with co-sanguinity can be modelled in complex pedigrees, for example
    Complex co-sanguinity example
    Example of a complex co-sanguinity pedigree (please click to enlarge)
  • Uniform mutation models (all) and one-step mutation models (PI, SI, HSI)
  • Theta (subpopulation) correction for PI, SI, HSI and arbitrary pedigrees
  • Linkage for pedigrees for STR and SNP
  • Mutation counts in STR, XSTR, YSTR, SNP, MtDNA matches
  • Uploading of customized population statistics for STR and SNP
  • Working with concurrent population statistics is possible
  • Model for handling common, rare and unseen alleles in statistics.
  • Customized loci can be added
  • Matching is based on loci; Bonaparte matches corresponding loci regardless of the kit.
  • Can handle partial and/or incomplete profiles (e.g. due to degraded samples) by allele wildcards and robust mutation model
  • User settable thresholds to determine when to actually store matches
  • Mixture dna profiles for direct matching, PI, SI and HSI
  • The computational model is open (for customers) and validated
  • Intuitive user friendly interface
  • WCAG compliant except the drag and drop pedigree editor which is not fully keyboard controllable
  • productive multi window interface
  • fully translatable, however only a partial RTL layout is possible
  • Branding possible
  • Different themes available
    Drag and drop a child in a pedigree Drag and drop a child in a pedigree
    The same windows in light and dark theme (please click to enlarge)
  • Each user can set their own column order and visibility state for grids
  • Each user can set their own visible filters for lists
  • Time zone settings for each user
  • GUI Language can be set per user
  • Fully customizable help menu (for linking to an organisation′s own documents)
  • Integrated instructional video
Workflow optimization
  • User friendly windows structure, including drag-and-drop pedigree editor and drag-and-drop Excel import.
    Drag and drop a child in a pedigree
    Drag and drop to attach a child in the pedigree editor (please click to enlarge)
  • Data organisation in folders and projects
  • Labelling of individual/DNA profile types (Unidentified Individual, Family Member, Crime-scene, Suspect etc.)
  • Extensive multi-item filtering system to enable easy access to large amounts of data (including match data)
  • Annotation fields, including space for bar-codes and police-codes on many levels (Folder, project, individual, sample etc.)
  • Automatic (massive, and scheduled) and manual (more detailed) matching modes
  • Automatic match-report generation
  • Can be connected to existing datasources
  • Single Sign On (SSO) integration possible
Data protection and security
  • Platform independent; runs on Unix, Linux or Windows servers (or in the cloud but not recommended).
  • Server with data on end-user′s organisation′s premises
  • Extensive user and user-group privileges system to control per user and user-group their data access rights, including read/write and match privileges
  • Extensive configurable match privileges; per container it can be specified what is allowed to do
  • Database can be rewound for auditing purposes
  • Logging of all user actions (e.g. who, what, where), keeps all historic records
  • Data verification during import
  • Archiving possibilities
  • Extensive manual
  • Match reports are based on customisable templates.
  • Communication is http / xml, integration with other systems for data synchronization, automatic matches etc is possible
  • Data (including pedigree trees) can be imported/exported
  • Integrated destruction engine that ensures profile removal on a certain specified date
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