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CrimTrac Agency and SNN sign contract for provision of Bonaparte

NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands —The Australian Commonwealth represented by the CrimTrac Agency and SNN have signed a contract for the provision of SNN's Bonaparte DNA matching software and associated support services as part of a National DNA Investigative Capability (NDIC). The contract is the corollary of SNN's successful bid on tender C14/147 issued by the CrimTrac Agency last year.

Bonaparte's state-of-the-art indirect matching algorithms will provide Australia's police and related agencies with new capability that can be used for matching DNA profiles across Australia's state and territory borders for law enforcement purposes, Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) and Missing Person programs.

Bonaparte was commissioned in 2007 by the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) as part of their CBRNe incident readiness program, and has since then been further developed and improved by SNN and its subsidiary SMART Research BV in close collaboration with the NFI.

Bonaparte played an important role in the identification of the victims of the 2010 air disaster in Tripoli, and more recently, in the identification of the victims of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in the Ukraine in 2014.

CrimTrac is the national information-sharing service provider for Australia's police, law enforcement and national security agencies. CrimTrac enables police agencies to share policing information with one another across Australia's state and territory borders.

SNN is the Dutch Foundation for Neural Networks at the Radboud University of Nijmegen headed by Prof. Kappen. SNN performs research on efficient methods for probabilistic Bayesian inference, control theory, neural networks, computational neuroscience and data analysis.

越南战争受害者识别项目使用Bonaparte DNA匹配软件

美通社荷兰奈梅亨2016年2月10日电—SMART Research BV就向越南政府提供Bonaparte DNA 匹配软件系统和相关支持服务签署了一份协议。此举是越南政府开展的为期十年的项目的一部分,该项目将识别越南战争中650,000名身份不明的遇难者中的至少80,000人。

越南总理阮晋勇发起的150项目(Project 150)将是有史以来规模最大的DNA鉴定项目。三个实验室将利用技术供应商Qiagen和Eppendorf的最新法医技术进行升级,相关咨询和培训服务由BioGlobe和波斯尼亚国际失踪人员委员会(The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP))提供。随着本合同的签订,SMART Research BV非常荣幸地加入了这个项目团队。



荷兰法医研究所(NFI)2007年推出Bonaparte,自那时起,SNN及其子公司SMART Research BV与荷兰法医研究所紧密合作,进一步发展和完善了该软件。

SMART Research BV是SNN的商业分拆公司,SNN是荷兰奈梅亨的Radboud大学的荷兰神经网络基金会。SMART Research负责Bonaparte的开发维护并提供相关支持服务。SMART Research专门应用高级机器学习和人工智能技术来解决现实问题。这些技术还是Bonaparte系统的基础。


Agreement with SMART Research to enhance INTERPOL forensic support to law enforcement
NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands — INTERPOL and SMART Research have signed a contract for the provision of the "Bonaparte" software and related services to the world police body.The software will enable INTERPOL to expand its ability to assist member countries in identifying missing persons, victims of disasters and other complex identifications using this techn … read more (INTERPOL website)

Bonaparte in a nutshell

Bonaparte is a complete solution for all types of forensic statistical computations based on DNA; it computes likelihood ratio's for both direct and indirect comparisons. Indirect comparisons require DNA reference material from one or more relatives, and a pedigree. Pedigrees can be of arbitrary structure. … read more

Bonaparte is web based, and therefore highly scalable. It also has its own (rewindable) database, Automatic match engine, automated profile destruction, and advanced access and matching rights management. Bonaparte can easily be integrated into existing systems, for example exisiting authentication systems or other databases such as CODIS. … read more


在大规模灾难的情况下,通常有很多重要的事情需要解决。空难,海啸和恐怖袭击等使得社会执法成为公众瞩目的焦点。他们需要尽快恢复社会秩序,保证公共安全以及研究灾难的原因,严惩肇事者。 … more


1999年4月30日荷兰女王节当晚至 五月一日,一个16岁名叫Marianne Vaatstra 从Kollum骑自行车回家的路上被奸杀。犯罪现场在一个很小的东北部的村庄叫Zwaagwesteinde。 … more

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